Sensing Streetscapes: 2-year research on the physical-behavioral interrelationship aimed at informing the design of human-scaled densification in Amsterdam.

A<—>N #19 Blog, The Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (2019)

Our research proposal was granted by the Dutch national research fund SIA in the first half of 2019 and we are roughly eight months on the way. Based on our first research, we can preview some first findings, although we think they might be defined mostly as challenges as well. Participants eye fixated on people, traffic and signs. Zones where interior and exterior comes together in the active plinth of buildings and terraces in front, draws instantly the attention (see fig. 4 left photo). Searching for social activity is also what can be observed with eye tracked patterns of other viewed streetscapes. In particular when a building at the end of street blocks the view, the eye is driven towards the modern facade going from one oriel window to another and also colourful balconies is part of the eye pattern.