Representation of Amsterdam Clients of Spatial Projects


City of Amsterdam

City of Amsterdam, Directie Wonen; The department Wonen (Living) of the city of Amsterdam focuses on housing and urban renewal. They work in close collaboration with the cities governance committees and realization. The department organizes meetings on the topics of housing and urban renewal, where they facilitate thinking about new ideas, experimenting and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

City of Amsterdam – innovation department:

How do we make the right choices for Amsterdam? Which techniques offer solutions that benefit the residents the most? And how do we ensure that new solutions are put into practice as quickly as possible and can be further developed? The innovation department of the city of Amsterdam is constantly exploring the impact of technology for the city and its organisation

Woningstichting Eigen Haard

Housing corporation Eigen Haard owns ca. 57.000 homes in the Amsterdam region. 90% of those are affordable for people with low income. The other 10% for people with a middle income. Eigen Haard ensures that as many people with lower incomes as possible can live affordably in the Amsterdam region, in good quality homes and in pleasant neighbourhoods.

AM property development

Conceiving and developing inspiring and sustainable living environments is what drives AM. As a committed area developer, we put social challenges at the heart of our development process. To this end, we focus on the themes ‘Bold Sustainability’, ‘Inclusive City’, ‘Healthy Urban Living and Working’, ‘City and Area Creation’ and ‘Happy Living’. Working together with public authorities, investors, housing corporations, social organisations, residents and other property users, this results in exceptional and high-quality areas for living, working, shopping and leisure. In this way, AM, part of the Royal Bam Group, provides quality of space and quality of life.

Professional magazine Ruimte+Wonen

Housing and Spatial Planning are more urgent than ever and demand new ideas and concepts that work. It is the mission of knowledge network Ruimte en Wonen to conduct an honest and inspiring professional debate with professionals and policy makers based on relevant and correct information.